A Word about our Breeding Program...

The breeding program at Cedar Valley Canine is small and carefully monitored. We have been successfully breeding dogs for over 35 years, and we have taken that experience and expertise and used it to develop and raise our standards to the highest level of excellence. We proudly stand behind the Cedar Valley Canine dog.

We believe in strong genetics plus a stable and social environment. The Cedar Valley Canine dog is physically healthy, environmentally sound, confident, athletic and has strong social skills. We scrutinize the bloodlines of both the sire and dam in order to balance and enhance the the strongest and most desirable character traits of each.

We strive to produce a joyful family oriented dog, friendly and loving, ready to play but just as content to relax quietly in the home.

They possess the drive and trainability that are the key elements in the training process whether it be simple obedience for the ideal companion or the highest levels of sport and protection.

Your Cedar Valley Canine puppy's training begins at birth - from the environment (our home) to the way we feed and interact with them.

We continue to provide support for you and your dog with the availability of a variety of training packages tailored to fit the different needs and levels of the individual and the dog.

We guarantee both the health and temperament of your Cedar Valley Canine puppy or dog.

We take our commitment very seriously.

We invest in you long before you ever invest in us!


Dave TaylorComment