Pets Are A Big Business

Pets are a big business. In 2014 Americans spent over $57 billion on pet products which includes veterinary care, food, training and boarding, and are expected to spend upwards of $60 billion in 2015. That is a staggering figure!

With the ever-increasing trend of "pet parenting," we are seeing more and more dogs out and about with their owners. People want  to travel with their dogs, take them shopping, to parties and even to weddings. They want them included in more of their day to day lives and activities.

Just as our children must be taught to behave so must our dogs, and liability alone makes this a necessity in our lawsuit-happy culture!

Pets are a serious business. The number 1 reason that dogs are relinquished to shelters is because of behavioral problems. This makes them harder to adopt out and subsequently becomes the number 1 reason that dogs are euthanized, so you can see that training your dog is the most important thing you can do for him or her!

Dog training is a commitment and is not a one time thing. There is no one hit wonder and no matter how well a professional may train your dog, if it is not reinforced and followed up on a regular basis, it is not going to stick. A problem won't stay fixed without consistent owner follow through over the course of your pet's lifetime. Dogs need direction, practice, feedback and a payoff in order to motivate them. In other words, a dog must learn how to learn.

Pets are a family business. Dogs become a part of our families and we love them but just loving them is not enough. Love alone will not turn out a stable well adjusted pet. You and your family need to be a part of the training because a dog reacts differently with different people.  You may teach it not to jump on furniture but your teenager may encourage it to, and it is not fair to expect your dog to differentiate between the two. Dog training needs to be a family affair in order to give your pet the consistency it needs to learn effectively! I cannot overstate this enough!!. 

There are many methods of training out there, so familiarize yourself with what fits best with your family and your pet and then MAKE THE COMMITMENT!

Dogs are a good business :) The research is overwhelming about all the wonderful ways that dogs enhance and strengthen our lives, our health and our relationships. They bring endless joy and amazement not to mention unconditional love. Invest in your dog and your family and train him well.

Dave Taylor