The Importance of Follow Up or Why Follow up Matters (A lot)

One of the most important parts of your training program - aside from choosing a reputable trainer - is your commitment to follow up on what your dog has learned.

Despite the best efforts of a trainer, without consistent participation from the owner(s), many dogs will quickly slip back into unwanted behavior.  

Little Stella has been doing her homework!

Little Stella has been doing her homework!

As trainers, we strive to develop a program for your dog and your family that encourages an interactive relationship - with you in charge :) Certain rules and behaviors will have been imprinted on your dog and you will greatly enhance your chances of success by taking the time and making the effort to continue the exercises required. It takes daily repetition - the continued consistent rewarding of desired conduct and correction of the unwanted to ensure you achieve your goals!

Dogs thrive with stimulation through training exercises and structured play. These add a high value to the relationship between the dog and his "pack members"                            ( the owner/family ). Without this, your pet can become confused and easily frustrated as he searches for his place in the group, so do your homework and reap the rewards!!

Dave TaylorComment