Housebreaking Rules to Live By

We train and sell a lot of dogs here at Cedar Valley Canine, and one of the questions we get asked the most is: "can you help me house train my dog?" Yes, we can! Read on for some basic guidelines for housebreaking.

Food two times daily - a.m. and p.m.
Feed at meal times only and remove food after 10 minutes (even if they haven’t eaten)
Water with meals and at regular intervals during the day. Ice cubes can also be offered instead of water.

Take the puppy out:
First thing in the morning
5-10 minutes after meals
After all naps
Anytime you leave and return home Last thing before bedtime

Do not play/distract the puppy when you are potty training. Go to the same area of the yard each time. Stay in the area about 10 minutes. Praise your puppy excessively for each successful trip out.
Only correct the puppy for accidents that occur when you witness the act itself. Use verbal correction (No! No! No!) and immediately go outside.

Do not physically correct the puppy. Do not correct or punish the puppy for accidents you don’t witness.

Confine the puppy to a limited area anytime you cannot be totally attentive to his/her behavior. Use a baby gate or crate (see article below!) in the house. Small kennels are highly effective outside.
Crate the puppy overnight.
In the morning, take the puppy out immediately (you may need to carry them) to the desired area of the yard - don’t let them free on the way out, they will usually stop to go the second they step out of the crate in the beginning!

Consistency is the key to successful housebreaking. Stick to the plan!

Dave TaylorComment