Obedience and Drive Building Clinic

Margaret with Leo vom Reeboch

Margaret with Leo vom Reeboch

Cedar Valley Canine is excited to announce an Obedience and Drive Building* Training Weekend with the dynamic mother/daughter duo Sheri and Margaret Trudrung on March 28 -29.

Many of you may be familiar with them and their long and successful careers in dog training and handling in the sport, detection and pet dog arenas. Sheri has spent over 30 years developing her methods and was a competitor at the 1997 WUSV Championship in Lucerne, Switzerland with her dog Quik. 

Margaret has been a practicing professional for over 10 years and has gone on to become a senior trainer for a major contractor in the detection and police dog world.

Both Margaret and Sheri have titled many dogs in Schutzhund and IPO, competing successfully on a National level. In addition both have coached many handlers to success on the competition field.

As impressive as their respective careers have been up to this point, their greatest attribute in my opinion, has been their commitment and willingness to continue their skills and education through extensive training and work with such internationally known teachers as Jogi Zank, Bart Bellon, Clement Julien, Tobias Oleynik, Jenny Seefeld and Charlie Meszaros. Through this they have developed a system of training that is directed towards establishing a foundation for producing a dog that works with precision in maximum drive mode. The result is intense engagement and focus in the dog that is beneficial in all of the various areas of the sport. Many of the exercises are designed to help prepare for the protection phase of training without the presence of a decoy or helper and can be introduced to puppies as young as 7 weeks of age.

The primary focus of this clinic is to introduce this method and application to each dog/handler team in the seminar regardless of their particular area of training, whether it be to produce a well behaved family pet or a high level competition dog.

In addition to the obedience and drive training, Dave will be there to help with handler/decoy work for anyone who might want to apply the techniques in some protection training.

12 spaces will be available for each active dog/handler participant to maximize the time spent with each team. The goal being 3 sessions per team per day........................$50.00 per day

Unlimited space for auditors.....................................................................................$25.00 per day

Due to the demands of her job, Margaret is available on a very limited basis and will lead the clinic Saturday and Sunday with Sheri and Dave both there to assist. Monday March 30 Sheri and Dave will continue to be available for anyone who would like an additional day of training.

Please contact us through:

email: dave@cedarvalleycanine.com

phone: 615-594-2205 

Facebook:  http://bit.ly/CedarValleyCanine

*drive building is enhancing the dog's natural abilities and desires which creates a dog more willing to learn


Dave Taylor